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About Bidfood

At Bidfood, we simplify your food preparation requirements. As we know, our health largely depends on what we eat. In our busy schedules where we are often juggling various responsibilities, adhering to safe and healthy meals can be challenging. This is where you can rely on our Ready-to-Cook meals. Whether you are tempted for Smoked Chicken Breast or Beef Lasagna, we serve restaurant quality delicacies in the comfort of your home in under 10 minutes. We serve Halal Certified and Meat-free products as well.

Bidfood is Singapore’s leading food supply company. We supply to various QSRs, Restaurant Chains, Hotels & Airlines etc. Our sharp growth is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation and continuous improvement. Bidfood is your Premium, Safe and Bespoke partner in food solutions.

Our commitment is to provide high quality and unique products consistently, it has been recognised and endorsed by International Enterprise Singapore as an Ambassador for “Tasty Singapore”.

Singapore enjoys one of the lowest incidences of food-borne disease outbreaks compared to the rest of the world. This is despite the fact that more than 90% of all food consumed in Singapore is imported. This is possible as Singapore observes stringent food safety standards. As the national authority for food safety in Singapore, SFA has put in place an effective integrated food safety system to ensure that food is safe for consumption.

However, no system is guaranteed without the partnership of the food industry and consumers in Singapore. At Bidfood utmost care is taken to source the highest quality raw materials, stored and distributed at recommended temperatures and handled appropriately.


To be the Ultimate Leader in Complete Food Preparation Solution


Product – Safe & Innovative Bespoke Food, Quality Excellence

Priority – Customers First

People – Sustainable Food & Sustainable Jobs For Future Generations

Safety and Quality Policy

At Bidfood traceable product safety is pivotal to our preparation process and our commitment to our customers. To meet the quality requirements, Quality Control is an essential part of our company culture and is the basis to how we carry out our business daily. Our quality management system is implemented according to “A” grade by Singapore AVA, HACCP certified by SGS and Halal certified by Singapore MUIS.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement. That’s why we choose our suppliers and ingredients carefully and monitor them with planned supplier audits and raw material controls. Our certified quality management system and the integrated HACCP system guarantee controllable and complete product safety in every step of our food preparation process.

We summarize our Safety and Quality policy as A.I.M – At Bidfood we are a team of Active Management who are Committed to inculcating Integrity at Workplace and by closely and consciously Maintaining Food Safety Systems.